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Wolf's GambitWolf's Gambit
by W.D. Gagliani
Leisure Books
ISBN-10: 0843962496

More info here.

"Mood Elevator"
by David Benton and W.D. Gagliani
Published in Dark Passions: Hot Blood XIII
edited by Michael Garrett and Jeff Gelb
(due in October 2007)

"The Great Belzoni and the Gait of Anubis," Amazon Shorts
49-cent download

Wicked Karnival Halloween Horror
Available in print from lulu.com. My story "Carried on the Wind" appears among great work by the likes of Rick Hautala, Graham Masterson, James A. Moore, James Newman, Robert Walker, Craig Phillips, J.G. Faherty, Jenny Schwartz, Stephen Wilson, Darren Franz, Michael West, Richard Pitaniello, Tim Clifton, Keith Gouveia, Jen Galasso, and many, many more.


Spotlight author in Wicked Karnival #3, which can be read on-line or as a FREE pdf download. It is also available in print from lulu.com.

Included from yours truly are the short story "Lead Me into Temptation" (from Shadowplays and an Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 14th edition), my article "Horror As Literary Element," appearing here for the first time anywhere, and finally David L. Tamarin's vigorous interview in which I expose some of my deepest and darkest secrets...

"The Serpent Said," story published in The Black Spiral: Twisted Tales Of Terror (Cyber-Pulp), edited by Richard Weber.

"A Knight of Swords," story published in the anthology More Stories That Won't Make Your Parents Hurl (Yard Dog Press), edited by Selina Rosen.

"Dark Places, Underground," an excerpt from Wolf's Trap, published in the anthology The Asylum 2: The Violent Ward (DarkTales Publications, 2002, and Prime Books, 2003), edited by Victor Heck.

"We Were Like Lions," published in the anthology Extremes 4: Darkest Africa (Lone Wolf Publications), edited by Brian A. Hopkins.

"Port of Call," published in the anthology Extremes 3: Terror on the High Seas (Lone Wolf Publications), edited by Brian A. Hopkins.

"If She Promised You Heaven," published in 1000 Delights (December 2001, www.1000delights.com), an e-zine edited by Barbara Higgins.


"Kiss a Bubba Good Mornin'," published in the anthology Bubba of the Apocalypse (Yard Dog Press), edited by Selina Rosen.

"The Writer's Journey" was published as Introduction to the anthology Midnight Journeys(1995, Ozark Triangle Press), edited by Bill Allen and Davi Dee. (Also included in Shadowplays)



Wolf's Trap
by W.D. Gagliani
Leisure Books
ISBN 0-8439-57026

More info here.

Wolf's Trap
Yard Dog Press, 500-copy limited trade paperback edition (October 2003)


"Stand By Your Zombie," "Of a Feather," and "The Great Belzoni and the Monster of Goa" appear in Small Bites, edited by Keith Gouveia and Garrett Peck, a prestigious collection of short short tales from 106 authors who have come together to raise money for Charles Grant, a legend in the world of horror writing. Learn more here.

Shadowplays, a short story collection, published as an e-book (PDF) by Ebooksonthe.net in September 2000. It includes 14 stories of Horror, Dark Fantasy, noir crime, and SF, plus an essay, an Introduction by Elaine Bergstrom, notes and Afterword.

"Until Hell Calls Our Names," published in the anthology More Monsters From Memphis (Hot Biscuit), edited by Beecher Smith. The story won the 1999 Darrell Award of the Memphis Science Fiction Association, and garnered an Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (12th Edition), edited by Datlow & Windling.

"Icewall," published in Robert Bloch's Psychos (Pocket Books, CD Publications, and the Mystery Guild). Reached the Preliminary Ballot for the 1999 Bram Stoker Award. Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (11th Edition), edited by Datlow and Windling. Robert Bloch's Psychos was also published in Italy (Sperling & Kupfer), where "Icewall" was translated as "Montagna di Ghiaccio," and in Japan (house unknown).

"Only Spectres Still Have Pity" and "Kneel at the Shrine," both published in the e-zine The Grimoire in Volume 1, No. 1 and 2, 1999. Both were also awarded 2nd Place ($100) in two consecutive Science Fiction Writers of Earth contests (1993 and 94); Edward Bryant, judge.

"To Flutter in Memories" and "Thin Hung the Web," both published in Issues #2 and #3 of the e-zine Dark Muse (www.darkmuse.com), 1999.

"One Day Closer to Death: A Cheery Chat with Bradley Denton" (interview) appeared in the October/November 2000 issue of Science Fiction Chronicle. (An interview with Matthew J. Costello was published in Science Fiction Chronicle in 1993).

"Literature Fantastique" book reviews now appear monthly at the Bram Stoker Award-winning website The Chiaroscuro (aka Chizine) (http://thechiaroscuro.com) after having been in BookLovers since 1993. (The Chiaroscuro is sponsored by Leisure Books.)

Many book reviews have also appeared in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, BookPage (print and at www.bookpage.com), Cemetery Dance, Flesh & Blood, Horror Magazine, SFReader.com, and others. Numerous articles and reviews have appeared in The Scream Factory, The Iguana Informer, The SF&F Workshop Newsletter, Bare Bones, and various others.

Previous interviews with Bradley Denton, Charles de Lint, and Elaine Bergstrom were published in BookLovers.


"Starbird," published in the anthology The Midnighters Club (Infinity), edited by Ron Horsley.

"Lookout Mountain,"

(cowritten with Gary Jonas, Don Kinney, and Bob Zasuly) published in the anthology Red Red Robin Project (Lone Wolf Publications), edited by Brian A. Hopkins.