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Professional connections:

Book Page - monthly all-review magazine covers all of publishing; I've had many reviews in BookPage and at www.bookpage.com.

Cemetery Dance - the oldest and best of the horror magazines! Some of my book reviews appear in its pages every issue. Great book publisher, too!

The Chiaroscuro - Bram Stoker Award winning site that combines fiction, poetry, reviews, and art. My book reviews appear here monthly. Check out the site, then join.

Flesh and Blood - one of the newest and best new voices in magazine horror. Yup, I've got some reviews here, too!

Hellnotes - markets, articles, reviews, and more.

Horror Writer's Association (HWA) - the best way for a horror writer to mingle with his or her peers, both on-line and in person. I've been a member since 1991 and have met many fantastic writers and fellow horror fans over the years. The HWA presents the annual Bram Stoker Awards at its Stoker weekend in June.

Leisure Books - my publisher, without whom...

Redbird Studio - Milwaukee's premier independent writing program, expertly helmed by Judy Bridges.

Other connections:

Horror Fiction News network (HFNN) – excellent Horror and dark fantasy news source.

Horror World – excellent source of horror fiction, nonfiction, and news.

SciFi Horizons – reviews and interviews with SF and Horror authors.

Twilight Tales – legendary Chicago reading series and small press publisher.

Carnival of Wicked Writers – ezine, print zine, and anthology publishers, also a Horror community on the Web.

Shapeshifter Emporium - Werewolf Novels

Shocklines Bookstore - the best place to buy horror on-line, bar none, run by Matt Schwartz.

The Midnighters Club - publisher of the acclaimed anthology and home of writer and editor Ron Horsley.

Lone Wolf Publications - the publishing empire of writer, editor, and publisher Brian A. Hopkins.

Lulu - digital content, POD; publisher of The Black Spiral, Wicked Karnival, and The Wicked Karnival Halloween Special.

Feoamante.com - all horror, all the time!

AuthorsDen - (used to be free) web hosting for writers.

Publishers Marketplace - professional writers' pages and Publishers Lunch.

Ralan.com - markets, markets, and markets! And more.

Gila Queen - the first, greatest and best market source!

Writers and Friends:
[Please feel free to submit a new link or update an old one!]

Maria Alexander - author of dark poetry and tales, and numerous scripts.

Mike Arnzen - author of Stoker Award-winning Grave Markings, as well as 100 Jolts and Play Dead; poet, teacher, and creator of the Stoker-winning Goreletter

Raymond Benson - author of Sweetie's Diamonds, Face Blind, Evil Hours, and six original James Bond novels including The Man with the Red Tattoo

Elaine Bergstrom - author of the Austra vampire series (Shattered Glass, Daughter of the Night, Nocturne), as well as Mina, The Door Through Washington Square, Madeline, and many others. Also heart and soul of a long-running Milwaukee-area novel workshop.

James P. Blaylock - author of The Paper Grail, All the Bells on Earth, The Last Coin, The Digging Leviathan, Homunculus, Lord Kelvin's Machine, and many other superb
fantasy novels.

Robert Bloch - author of Psycho ... Who needs to say more?

Jay Bonansinga - Jay's incredible thrillers include The Black Mariah, Sick, The Killer's Game, Head Case, The Sleep Police, and Oblivion — need I say more? And he's a helluva nice guy, too.

Gary A. Braunbeck - when you get to one of Gary's stories in an anthology, you know you've just found the soul of the collection... one of the best at packing a punch in a few pages, and a great friend. His novel, The Indifference of Heaven (In Silent Graves), is a classic. Also author of Keepers and In the Midnight Museum.

Maurice Broaddus - author of Strange Fruit.

Ed Bryant - author, editor, writer, critic extraordinaire.

Caniglia - superb artist and illustrator.

Douglas Clegg - author of The Halloween Man, You Come When I Call You, The Hour Before Dark, The Infinite, The Priest of Blood, Mordred, and many more.

Matt Costello - author of Darkborn, Beneath Still Waters, The 7th Guest, Homecoming, Unidentified, Missing Monday, and many more.

Richard Dansky - author of White Wolf's Trilogy of the Second Age, as well as innumerable game-related books and stories.

Scarlett Dean - author of Destiny's Call.

Charles de Lint - the king of urban fantasy! Check out Moonheart, Greenmantle, Trader, and Mulengro just to start.

Bradley Denton - Blackburn. Read it or else. Nuff said. (Well, read Lunatics and One Day Closer to Death, too.) Also author of Laughin' Boy.

Philip K. Dick - What is real? What is human? Read anything by Dick and be blown away.

Harlan Ellison - Stephen King and Ellison pointed the way (for me). Start with The Deathbird Stories.

John Everson - co-editor of Spooks!, author of Vigilantes of Love, the Stoker Award-winning novel Covenant, and the upcoming Failure.

Ray Garton - read anything by this master of visceral horror. But read Live Girls first.

Sephera Giron - fine short story writer and author of House of Pain, Borrowed Flesh, Mistress of the Dark and The Birds and the Bees.

J.F. Gonzalez - author of Maternal Instinct, Shapeshifter, The Beloved, and Survivor.

Ed Gorman - author of many mysteries, thrillers and Westerns, including the Sam McCain "Music" and Robert Payne "Moon" mysteries.

Charles Grant - one of the Greats! The master of atmosphere...

Jamie Hall - author of Half Human, Half Animal: Tales of Werewolves and Related Creatures and its upcoming Volume 2.

John C. Hay - author of horror tales such as "Take, Eat."

Alice Henderson - author of Insatiable and Night Terrors.

Jack Higgins - WW2 and IRA thriller writer supreme! Read A Prayer for the Dying, The Eagle Has Landed, or anything in between (by any of his six pseudonyms).

Brian Hodge - the man writes short fiction that plants a lead-gloved fist between your eyes. Author of Wild Horses and The Darker Saints.

Brian A. Hopkins - author, editor, publisher, multiple Bram Stoker Award winner -- Brian's done it all! Author of The Licking Valley Coon Hunters Club and El Dia de los Muertos, and editor of the Extremes series of multimedia CD-ROM anthologies.

Gerard Houarner - author of Painfreak, The Beast That Was Max, and The Road to Hell.

Marcy Italiano - author of Pain Machine.

Tina Jens - Author of The Blues Ain't Nothin and editor of the Twilight Tales anthologies.

Gary Jonas - author of One Way Ticket to Midnight and the outrageous Hitman short stories, and the movie Weapon of Choice.

Jack Ketchum - Hard-hitting author of The Girl Next Door, Off Season, Right to Life, The Lost, and Peaceable Kingdom, all of them classics.

Stephen King - the reason I write in this field. Period.

Don Kinney - friend, Web-man, and music-lover! Still waiting for that novel, bro.

J.A. Konrath - author of Whiskey Sour, first installment of the Jack Daniels mysteries, Bloody Mary, and the upcoming Rusty Nail.

Michael Laimo - author of Atmosphere, Deep in the Darkness, Sleepwalker, and The Demonologist.

Joe R. Lansdale - mystery and horror writer, creator of the Hap and Leonard series. One of the best!

Richard Laymon - greatly missed friend and inspiration. Another reason I write in this field.

Tim Lebbon - author of Dead Man's Hand, Berserk, and Dusk.

Deborah LeBlanc - author of Family Inheritance and Grave Intent.

Edward Lee - author of Goon, The Bighead, Succubi, City Infernal, Monstrosity, and more hard-as-nails classics.

Lisa Mannetti's Chancery House

Robert R. McCammon - some of his early works influenced my interests greatly: The Wolf's Hour, Gone South, Usher's Passing, The Night Boat.

James A. Moore - author of Fireworks, Under the Overtree, Serenity Falls, and Blood Red.

David Morrell - author of many fine thrillers, including Testament, The Totem, First Blood, and Creepers.

Billie Sue Mosiman - author of the Vampire Nations series, as well as Final Cut and Dark Matter.

Garrett Peck - writer, fellow critic, and co-editor of Personal Demons, Tooth & Claw anthologies, and Small Bites.

Tom Piccirilli - author of the amazing Hexes, The Night Class, A Choir of Ill Children, Grave Men, Fuckin' Lie Down Already, November Mourns, and more.

Brian Pinkerton - Author of Abducted and Vengeance.

Tim Powers - author of the classic novels The Anubis Gates, On Stranger Tides, Last Call, Expiration Date, Earthquake Weather, Declare, and many others.

Stephen Mark Rainey - Editor of the legendary Deathrealms magazine and a fine author in his own right.

Judi Rohrig - fine short story writer and editor of Hellnotes.

Joel Ross - fine short story writer and author of Eye for an Eye.

Larry Santoro - fine short story writer and stage/audio director.

David J. Schow - another master of visceral horror (Black Leather Required, The Kill Riff, Bullets Of Rain; check out his site for an excellent noir "family tree," among other interesting things).

Harry Shannon - author of Night of the Beast, Night of the Werewolf, Memorial Day, and Eye of the Burning Man.

Michael Slade - Ghoul, Headhunter, Bed of Nails, Swastika, and so many more!

Beecher Smith - editor of the Monsters from Memphis anthologies and author of The Guardian.

Lucy Snyder - fine short story writer, author of Blood Magic.

Peter Straub - Ghost Story, Floating Dragon, Shadowland, Mr. X, lost boy lost girl, In the Night Room, The Talisman and Black House.

Tamara Thorne - author of Bad Things, Candle Bay, Thunder Road, Moonfall, Infinity, and The Sorority Trilogy, among others. No one does naughty humor like Tamara!

Christopher Treagus - reviewer and author of Building a Better Monster and Primeval Fear: The Elements of Classic Horror.

Edo van Belkom - editor (Be Afraid! and Be Very Afraid!) and author of Scream Queen, Martyrs, Wolf Pack, and a million short stories!

Karl Edward Wagner - author and editor, now sadly departed -- an inspiration in many ways.

Robert W. Walker - author of the Instinct and Edge series, the sizzling Fire & Flesh, and City for Ransom.

Deena Warner - one of the best cover artists working, and an amazing web designer, too (this site is her work!)... proves that a chance meeting at World Horror can lead to a great working relationship!

Matthew Warner - columnist and author of The Organ Donor and Death Sentences, both of which pack a tremendous punch.

Richard Weber - author of Protocol-17 and editor of The Black Spiral: Twisted Tales of Terror.

Bob Weinberg - editor of hundreds of anthologies, and author of many fine horror and fantasy novels along with the new collection The Occult Detective.

F. Paul Wilson - The Tomb, The Keep, and Repairman Jack. Nuff said.

Steve Witt - interviewer and publisher of SciFi Horizons.

Other sites of interest:

Gareth Glynn Ash - Gareth's a great concert and general photographer! Be sure to check out his work.

Don Coscarelli - Influential film director and screenwriter of "Phantasm" and "Bubba Ho-Tep" fame

The Violent World of Parker - Donald Westlake writing as Richard Stark

Gauntlet Press - for First Amendment absolutists

Uchronia - the Alternate History site

SFWoE - Science Fiction Writers of Earth

The Edgar Allan Poe Society

www.timpowers.info/ - unofficial Tim Powers fan site

pw1.netcom.com/~cbranch/powers.html - unofficial Tim Powers fan site

home.earthlink.net/~ellendebrock/anubis.htm - unofficial Tim Powers fan site

www.angelfire.com/scifi/timpowers/ - unofficial Tim Powers fan site

www.whiterabbitstudio.com - home of Danielle Bedics, talented photographer, designer, and artist.

Musical influences and musicians:

home.triad.rr.com/smrainey/bondindex.htm - John Barry's James Bond soundtracks

www.tangerinedream.org/ - Tangerine Dream

www.emersonlakepalmer.com - ELP, prog-rock's original power trio

www.keithemerson.com - rock, jazz, ragtime, classical -- he does it all on piano and Hammond B-3

www.greglake.com - his distinctive voice made ELP a household name

www.carlpalmer.com - the most melodic drummer I've ever heard

www.alanparsonsmusic.com - the Official Alan Parsons site

www.poe-cd.com/home.html - new musical based on the life of E.A. Poe, created by the lyrical genius of the Alan Parsons Project

www.rwcc.com/ - Rick Wakeman, Yes's greatest keyboard wizard

www.yesworld.com - everything Yes-related you might need

www.kansasband.com - the best American progressive rock band!

www.marillion.com - whether led by Fish or Hogarth, the thinking-man's prog-rock

www.the-company.com/ - The Perception of Fish, a talented solo artist after leading Marillion for years

www.genesis-music.com/ - informative Genesis site

www.tonybanks-online.com/ - unofficial Tony Banks site

www.stevehackett.com - ex-Genesis, one of the world's most expressive guitarists

www.spocksbeard.com - the best of the neo-progressive movement

www.porcupinetree.com/ - among the best of the neo-prog acts

www.alstewart.com/ - king of the historical ballad

blackmoresnight.com/ - Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist's mellower, Renaissance side

www.eclipse.net/~synergy/ - Larry Fast, pioneer synthesist

dspace.dial.pipex.com/nick.magnus/ - talented synthesist and Hackett collaborator

Some of prog-rock's greatest instruments:

www.moogmusic.com - the one, the only … one of the great legacies of the late Dr. Robert Moog.

www.mellotron.com/ - who needs a sampler? These are the real sounds!

www.vemia.co.uk/mellotron/ - another Mellotron source

www.keyboardmuseum.org/v_teach/mellotron.html - excellent Mellotron simulation

www.synthfool.com/index.html - if you love synthesizers and their history

Magazines and music sources:

www.musicstreetjournal.com - Gary Hill's prog (lots of Yes) and metal site

www.artist-shop.com - the best way to buy prog-rock

progressionmagazine.com/ - the best way to read about prog

www.gepr.net/ - Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock