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Summer 2009 news

W.D. Gagliani's second novel, WOLF'S GAMBIT, is coming soon!

Wolf's Gambit

Some people are afraid there’s a wild animal on the loose, savagely tearing its victims apart. Others, like Nick Lupo, know better. Lupo knows a werewolf attack when he sees one. He should, since he’s a werewolf himself, though he’s been able to control his urges and maintain his secret. He’s also a homicide cop, so it may be up to him to hunt down one of his own kind. It looks like there’s a new werewolf in town, a rogue out only for blood. But looks can be deceiving.

This sequel to the critically acclaimed WOLF'S TRAP is already garnering a number of positive reviews, which you can download here.

In other news, Bill wrote the introduction to the anthology THE BEAST WITHIN (Graveside Tales), and a story co-written with David Benton, "All the Gifts of Life," is included in the recent Necrotic Tissue anthology MALPRACTICE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF BEDSIDE TERROR.

Bill was allowed to play a bloody "medicated" zombie in several crowd scenes shot for the independent 3AM FILMS production of "DOZERS," directed by Don Adams, where he'll likely be seen for one third of a second! See the trailer here. ("I am NOT in the trailer!" he says.)

He will be also one of several author guests at Zombie Con in Milwaukee this October.

World Horror Convention 2008 and other new photo galleries
With the beginning of April, another World Horror Convention came and went. As usual, it's unbelievable how quickly those (almost) four days fly by. Must be all the fun we're having. This year, scenic Salt Lake City opened its doors to a little darkness and, you know, I think it did all right. SLC turned out to be a lovely and inviting, mountain-ringed gem of a city, and very friendly, too. Of course, it does have some of those arcane alcohol laws you'd think would have disqualified it from serious consideration, but ultimately alcohol was to be had, if in strange and mysterious ways. "The convention whose slogan is "Trust us, you'll be able to drink!'" quipped Jeff Strand in his MC monologue at the Stoker Awards banquet. Check out my photo-essay gallery. Several photos from the First Annual Dark Arts PJ Party are also available, all shot by John Everson. I should mention that my gallery contains some photos shot by guest photographers Dave Benton, John Everson, Jim Argendeli, Loren Rhoads, and probably someone else I'm forgetting (my apologies).

You'll note a series of photos of two different pipe organs in the gallery. Anyone who knows me knows about my deep love of and interest in all types of keyboard instruments. The pipe organ is kind of the original synthesizer, if you think about it. All those stops are labeled with the names of the instruments it is intended to emulate. Five-manual organs are awesome beasts. It turned out the Mormom Tabernacle Choir has the great fortune to perform in front of not one, but two pipe organs. The volunteers at Temple Square were amazingly accommodating in allowing me to get as close to these magnificent instruments as they did (and hear one while the organist practiced). In fact, they were quite generous with their time, granting Dave Benton and me what was in essence a personal, private tour and even some helpful photography on the roof of the convention center. I don't know their names, but I thank them for their generosity.

As I've stated before, conventions are a great way to renew friendships in a business that's largely a solitary endeavor. This WHC (my seventh in a row and ninth overall) was no different, as I was able to hang out with, catch up with, at least greet in passing, or otherwise wave to, the following (growing) list of good friends: David Benton, John Everson, Bill Breedlove, Chris Treagus, Jim Argendeli, Adam Pepper, Gary Braunbeck and Lucy Snyder, Martel Sardina, Don D'Auria, Erin Galloway, Tim DeYoung, Maria Alexander, Curt and Karen Hoffmeister, Del Howison, Ed Bryant, Cullen Bunn, Richard Dansky, Ann and Kelly Laymon, Gerard Houarner, Linda Addison, Dave Simms, Tracy Carbone, Bill Lindblad, F. Paul Wilson, Mort Castle, Lisa Morton, Karen Taylor, Kim Paffenroth, Eunice Magill, Wrath James White, Jeff Strand, Lynne Hansen, Deb LeBlanc, Steve Shrewsbury, Sarah Langan, Gord Rollo, Gene O'Neill, Lee Thomas, Mike McCarty, Gene Kelly, Yvonne Navarro, Weston Ochse, Loren Rhoads, Hank Schwaeble, Nick Kaufmann, Adam Niswander, and probably more to whom I should apologize for forgetting! There was also the chance to meet new friends: fellow electronic music and Theremin fan Cody Goodfellow, plus Carl Moore, Charlie Harmon, Michael Calvillo, Jason Gehlert, John Little, John Palisano, Elizabeth Blue, Nick Grabowsky, Jen Caress, Rocky Wood. Gee, I hope I've mentioned everybody. Sooner or later, I assume we will all know each other!

If you're curious about the Dark Arts PJ Party, check out this link.

While you're here, you might want to check out some older galleries now available for the first time:

  • My signings at the annual Marshfield, WI, BOOKWORLD Halloween Author Party for both 2006 and 2007 (with David Benton)
  • My Guest of Honor gig at the Janesville, WI, JVL-CON in late 2006
  • Photo galleries of the bands CHIEF and BEATALLICA performing at Vnuk's Lounge in Cudahy, WI, in October 2007, including photos of David Benton and me signing copies of DARK PASSIONS: HOT BLOOD 13, which included our short story "Mood Elevator."
  • And, finally, for all those curious to see the setting of WOLF'S TRAP and the upcoming WOLF'S GAMBIT (both from Leisure Books), here is a gallery of photos of the REAL Eagle River, WI, and signings I did at BOOKWORLD. Of course, Nick Lupo and Jessie Hawkins and their friends and enemies frequent an alternate, funhouse mirror version of Eagle River, one which neighbors a mythical Native American tribal reservation and its new casino project. Coming soon: Take a car-window tour along some of the real Eagle River's main streets and get a sense of the landscape inhabited by some of those folks you've met in the pages of WOLF'S TRAP.

ASIA, (Milwaukee, WI) Visit the Gallery
You remember the 80s. You know you want to revisit those days of old.

Here you go: ASIA rocks Milwaukee again! April 23, 2008, at the Pabst Theater, the original members of ASIA (Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, John Wetton) returned to showcase their previous material and their new album, PHOENIX. A great time was had by all. However, there was to be no photo pass for me this time, so I was stuck trying to shoot surreptitiously. The Concert Nazis were in full force, intimidating and then swarming offenders with their flashlights (and perhaps billy clubs and tasers, who knows!). Even benign cell phone cameras were under attack! So the result is that my shots are particularly, er, "candid" in parts. You'll see blurs, hands, people blocking out the action, and even (gulp!) poor framing. Some are pretty good, considering the nature of the shooting conditions. After all, I didn't want to end up in some Photographers' Gulag ... where they send those caught trying to steal the souls of their favorite performers! Seriously, it just wasn't worth being hassled and maybe tossed out. I'm considering purchasing a more stealth camera for those dangerous assignments. Hope you'll enjoy these photos of ASIA for what they're worth, anyway.

Alan Parsons Live Project, Northern Lights Theater (Milwaukee, WI), September 28, 2007
Visit the Gallery
With many thanks to the very gracious John Montagna and Lisa Parsons, here is a gallery of photos from the Northern Lights (Potawatomi Casino) show. Entrusted with a photo pass for the evening, as well as aftershow passes, I was able to capture the band from various angles, though (due to my reluctance to disturb nearby fans) I chose to shoot half the show from my seat anyway. I was able to switch from wide-angle to zoom and back again at will, as well as from color to monochrome for -- I hope -- good effect. Mr. Alan Parsons drives the show merely with his imposing presence, and the band has developed into one of the most solid ensembles anywhere. Their combined instrumental and vocal ability is awe-inspiring and on display in songs such as "La Sagrada Familia," in which every band member takes a lead vocal. These guys are fantastic and worth your time. The music of the Project is alive and well. Again, I'd like to thank John Montagna (bass, vocals) and Lisa Parsons for the photo and aftershow passes, and for their hospitality and good humor. Please come visit us again soon!

New Concert Gallery
I've added a new gallery for the Alan Parsons concert on January 12, 2007. View the gallery here.

World Horror Convention (Toronto, Ontario) Visit the Gallery
The World Horror Convention, 2007 Edition, was held out of the country for the first time. Toronto, Canada, was a beautiful setting for a gathering of more Horror people than I can remember attending any one con in a long time. I was thrilled to renew friendships with so many, many people -- too many to name without risking leaving somebody out (I counted almost 70) -- and meeting even more people either for the first time, or for the first time in the flesh after contact through the Web, especially on MySpace.

I managed to attend, and record all contestants of, the "unofficial" Gross-Out Contest (winners, the very disturbing Cullen Bunn ,Wrath James White, and Jeff Strand), and attended the Twilight Tales Flash Fiction Contest (winners Larry Santoro, Mark Zirbel, and my memory fails on the third place winner) but my camera battery discharged about midway, so that record is incomplete. I also didn't photograph the great Dark Arts pool tournament, but John Everson and I took two out of three! The Stoker Awards banquet was a smashing success, and I had the privilege to find myself seated at one of Leisure's tables in the excellent company of editor Don D'Auria, Ann and Kelly Laymon, Nate and Nicole Kenyon, Mick Sims, Len Maynard, Gary Braunbeck and Lucy Snyder. It was the highlight of a fantastic weekend.

Hanging with writers John Everson, Bill Breedlove, Adam Pepper, Mark and Jennie Zirbel, John and Rebecca Hay, Curt Hoffmeister (thanks for breaking my fall!), Mike Laimo, Gord Rollo, Chesya Burke, Maurice Broaddus, Lisa Mannetti, Di and Philip Barron, Mike Arnzen, David Simms, Simon Wood, and -- well, here the list would grow exponentially (see most of them in the gallery!). Let me conclude by saying once again it was fantastic to see, meet, and/or be with you all, even those unnamed above, and I look forward to doing it all over again. I hope the wide-ranging, rambling gallery will give you a good sense of what the convention was like. Except for the sauna-like suites, the venue was very accommodating. And the city sparkled.

World Fantasy Convention (Austin, TX) Visit the Gallery
As usual, my picture gallery reflects my own experience of the con weekend -- I'm ashamed to say I only attended one reading, albeit a very memorable one! I managed to sit on about a third of the panels, and then the rest of the time was spent with my "family" of friends. About "family" let me say a few words. Years ago, when I interviewed Charles de Lint, he spoke of the themes in his work and said something I really want to quote here (the interview is still available here):

"The themes in my books are simplistic, but I think they're the most important things, like trust and friendship, remaining true to friends, the fact that the family of choice is often more important than the family you're born into...."

I'm grateful for my family of choice. You know who you are! Often, you're the best reason for traveling a long distance to a convention. It's this family of choice that makes it a slight bit easier to toil in these trenches of publishing. And the cool thing is, this family constantly grows...

New Galleries
I've added several new galleries to the site. Check 'em out:

Just announced
I've been invited to be an Author Guest of Honor at the 8th annual JVL-CON, to be held in Janesville, Wisconsin, August 25 - 27, 2006. It's primarily an SF/F can, but I'll be there to shed a little darkness on the proceedings. I hope local and Chicago-area Horror writers and fans will come to help make the Horror programming as frightening as possible. Stay tuned for more info as programming is set, but here's where to find information: http://si-fi-nut.com/gueststar.html.

June 2006
On June 11, 2006, legendary drummer Carl Palmer (ELP, ASIA, 3, PM, Arthur Brown, Atomic Rooster) and his band came to Milwaukee's own legendary venue, Shank Hall, and amazed an enthusiastic crowd with a synthesizer- and Hammond-less instrumental performance of ELP music. That's right, guitarist Paul Bielatowicz and bassist Stuart Clayton, played all the keyboard parts with amazing virtuosity. Unfortunately, I was shocked to learn that Shank Hall has instituted a ban on cameras after frequent breaking of the no-flash rule. As a result, I only have shots of Palmer and his band signing after the show. However, I do have a link to a friend's gallery. Gareth Glynn Ash is a pro and it shows, and he's my guest photographer this time out. Here's the concert gallery: http://garethglynn.smugmug.com/gallery/1559692 And feel free to check out the rest of his fantastic galleries while you're there.

June 2006 - On Saturday, June 3, 2006, I was a guest author at the Twilight Tales booth in the midst of Chicago's vibrant annual Printers Row Book Fair. It was a typical windy, sunny spring day in Chicago and the crowds couldn't have been friendlier. Besides signing numerous copies of Wolf's Trap, I was able to meet some new friends, such as ex-homicide detective Thomas Keevers (author of his own PI mystery series), and spend time with some old friends: Brian Pinkerton, John Everson, Raymond Benson, Robert Walker, Mort Castle, Bill Breedlove, Tina Jens, and more. Viki Rollins orchestrated the event with skill and verve, and the entire Twilight Tales gang made me feel right at home while helping to hand-sell everyone's work to eager buyers. It was one of the best signings I've ever done, in great part because of my great friends at Twilight Tales!  


June 2006 - They say all good things must come to an end. So it felt at the end of the 2006 World Horror Convention, this year held in the scenic city of San Francisco. It was my first time there, and I enjoyed playing tourist for a while. But the con was most notable for the great friends with whom I was able to spend time and chat about horror, publishing, and the usual writers' woes. It was also notable for the number of new friends I made, and the wonderful time to be had at famed Borderlands Bookstore, at the mass autograph session, at the Leisure party, at all the other parties, at the readings and panels, and finally, just to be with so many like-minded folks who "get" what we do and why we do it. And it was notable for having the honor to be presented with a lovely print of the fantastic Deena Warner cover for my Amazon Short story, "The Great
Belzoni and the Gait of Anubis"! (Thanks, Deena!) Yes, the usual suspects gathered in the City by the Bay, and a great time was had by all. Look here for a fairly large gallery of photos covering most of what I experienced. I call it "The Last Gasp of World Horror Convention 2006." I hope to see some of you in Austin this November, and in Toronto next year!



April 2006 - The short story "The Great Belzoni and the Gait of Anubis" is now available through Amazon Shorts. The story is available as a 49-cent download at this link.


April 2006 - View the new "For the Press" section, including an author bio, review blurbs for Wolf's Trap, and a recommended reading list.


April 2006 - On a bitterly cold day in late December 2005, I photographed the recently completed new annex to the Milwaukee Art Museum, an incredible work by the renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. I'm not the only one to have photographed this beautiful addition to the much more conservative Art Museum, nor have I captured any better than other photographers its sweeping white lines, the grace of the open sun-shade as it appears to take flight into the metallic blue sky over Lake Michigan, or indeed its internal lattice-work of ribs framing the windows that bring warming natural light into its brilliant white cathedral-like grand hall. No, I'm not the only one, but I'd like to share these photos because standing either inside or outside the Calatrava is so inspirational and awe-inspiring. Seeing the great wings opening and allowing the sun's rays to touch the white structure can't adequately be described. I hope this series of pictures does justice both to the building itself, and to its location on the brink of the frozen lake in the early deep winter.


November 2005 - During the weekend of November 3-6, 2005, I attended the World Fantasy Convention in Madison, WI. Nearly a thousand fantasy literature professionals and fans congregated within sight of the state capitol and between the shores of Lakes Mendota and Monona, enjoying the late fall foliage and relatively mild weather. For me, it was a chance to spend time with good friends such as Alice Henderson, Jason Patnode, John Everson, Dave Benton and Mark Zirbel (with his fiancée Jennie), Richard Dansky (with his wife Melinda), Maurice Broaddus, Mike Arnzen, Tina Jens, Deb LeBlanc, David Simms, Maria Alexander, Judi Rohrig, and John Hay, and meet some new folks such as Lucien Soulban, Chris Welch, Viki Rollins, Ken Swaim, Steve Witt, Michael Fountain, Steve Shrewsbury, and Matt Forbeck (my apologies to anyone I've missed!). It was also great talking to such luminaries as Bob and Phyllis Weinberg, Tom Monteleone, Dennis McKiernan, Judi Rohrig, Del Howison, John Helfers, and John Pelan, among others. It was a fabulous and well-run convention, the facilities were much better than adequate, and a great time was had by all who came and hung out.

A melancholy highlight of the weekend was the time Alice and I spent reminiscing about our dads, bringing them back to us (if only for a moment or two) by telling stories of their adventurous lives. It really is true that keeping loved ones in your heart and mind keeps them near you.

"No one leaves you, when they live in your heart and mind."
-- Marillion

The WFC2005 Gallery includes photos by guest photographers John Everson (in a separate series), Alice Henderson, Jack Byrne, and Mark Zirbel.

October 2005 - Happy Helloween!

If you're looking for some new Halloween-themed stories, you may want to check out the new anthology Wicked Karnival Halloween Horror. For only $14.75, you get over 200 pages of fun and gruesome seasonal offerings. Yes, my story "Carried on the Wind" appears among great work by the likes of Rick Hautala, Graham Masterson, James A. Moore, James Newman, Robert Walker, Craig Phillips, J.G. Faherty, Jenny Schwartz, Stephen Wilson, Darren Franz, Michael West, Richard Pitaniello, Tim Clifton, Keith Gouveia, Jen Galasso, and many, many more. Pick up two, one for you and one for your best enemy!

Also available in print is Wicked Karnival #3 (Revamped), which includes my story "Lead Me Into Temptation," my piece on horror as literary element, and an in-depth interview, along with fiction, nonfiction, and art by a host of talented folks.

WFC 2005
If all this isn't scary enough, I'll be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Madison, WI, next week (November 3-6), nestled between the shores of beautiful Lakes Mendota and Monona. My little corner of the programming is a panel on book reviewing:

The Art of Review & Criticism
Saturday 12:00-1:00PM
Capitol A

Our panel of experts reviews the state of the "art" of fantasy review and criticism. Is there too much out there? Too little? Are reviews helping or harming the field? Where can a reader go for reliable reviews? And, of course, what practical things can a writer do to insure a fair review?
William Gagliani, Paula Guran, Russell Letson, Michael Levy, Gary K. Wolfe

Of course, I'll also be signing at the autograph session Friday night, so come on up and say Hello if you're in the neighborhood!

See http://www.worldfantasy.org/2005/ for further World Fantasy Convention program information, schedules, rates, and so on.

I hope we'll have a chance to meet there. I'll have a few copies of the first edition of my Stoker-nominated novel Wolf's Trap on hand, as well as a few anthologies in which I've had stories, and I'll be glad to sign them for you.

Steve Hackett and Genesis fans, watch for some NEW Steve Hackett Acoustic Trio live photos, coming soon to my website!

July 2005 - J.A. Konrath (author of Whiskey Sour and Bloody Mary) at Mystery One Bookstore,
Milwaukee, WI.  View photos here.

Covering the bases
at the county fair: God vs. Tarot!

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All copies of Wolf's Trap will be signed, personalized, and specially illustrated (on the title page) by the author!

PayPal or checks accepted. Email for instructions!

May 1, 2005 -- I have posted image galleries from two recent events:


March 13 , 2005 -- I was the spotlight author in Wicked Karnival #3 , which can be read on-line or as a FREE pdf download. Included from yours truly are the short story "Lead Me into Temptation" (from Shadowplays and an Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 14th edition), my article "Horror As Literary Element," appearing here for the first time anywhere, and finally David L. Tamarin's vigorous interview in which I expose some of my deepest and darkest secrets...

To sweeten the deal, besides my section of fiction/article/interview, you'll also find interviews with Tom Piccirilli, Douglas Clegg, Phil Rickman, and Paul Kane. There's fiction by Dan Foley, Clint Hall, David Hayes, Josh Reynolds, and Michael A. Kechula. And great nonfiction articles by Darren Franz, Brian Knight, Deborah LeBlanc, Laurel Starling, T.M. Gray, and Robert W. Walker. Reviews by Brian Yount, Nancy Jackson, Brutal Dreamer, and more! Plus some wicked art by William Nick Johns, Charlie Siebert, Tracy Flynn, Neil Foster, Tom Kelly, Brian Yount, Art Skull, Tom Moran and more! 92 pages of Wicked fun!

October 31 , 2004 -- Please take a moment to view the gallery of photos taken by my father, Gilberto Dario Gagliani. A tribute to him and his life can be found on my homepage.

August 20, 2004 -- I'm thrilled to report the sale of three short-short stories ("Stand By Your Zombie," "Of a Feather," and "The Great Belzoni and the Monster of Goa") to Small Bites, an anthology to benefit the Charles Grant Medical Fund, edited by Garrett Peck and Keith Gouveai. The table of contents is fabulous -- 104 contributors and 196 tiny tales! -- so plan to check this out when it debuts at Dragon*Con in early September! It'll be available as an e-book and trade paperback, with a possible hardcover edition later. Charles Grant's work made an indelible mark on me as a developing writer, and this is one small way for me to say Thanks! For info, visit http://www.apfuchs.com/cgrantsmallbitesordering.html

June 19, 2004 -- I've posted some photos from the Stoker Awards weekend. View them here.

June 9, 2004 -- As you may know by now, Wolf's Trap did not win the Bram Stoker Award for First Novel. But it must be said that the competition in this category was unusually tight, and it has been an honor to share the nomination with Brian Keene, Jeffrey Thomas, and Jeff Vandermeer for the last two months!

Congratulations go out to Brian Keene, whose novel The Rising (Delirium Press) deservedly took the top spot. And congratulations to my fellow nominees for writing at a level that has helped keep our field of dark fiction vibrant and relevant. It has been a pleasure seeing my name listed together with the distinguished nominees in all categories, and congratulations are also due all the individual winners. For the complete list of this year's Bram Stoker Award recipients, please visit http://www.horror.org/stokers.htm.

Special thanks also to everyone who read and enjoyed, and perhaps voted for, Wolf's Trap. The response to my first novel has been tremendous, and I couldn't be more proud.

April 28, 2004 -- I've posted my photos from the last two World Horror Conventions:

April 2, 2004 -- Wolf's Trap is now a nominee for the Bram Stoker Award, in the category of Superior Achievement in a First Novel. Thanks to all who read it, recommended it, and voted for it! Congratulations to all the nominees! To see the final ballot, please visit the Horror Writers Association website.

March 1, 2004 -- Wolf's Trap has made the Preliminary Ballot of the HWA's Bram Stoker Award.

Also available now is The Black Spiral: Twisted Tales Of Terror (Cyber-Pulp, ISBN 1-897013-22-1), edited by Richard Weber, and containing my erotic snake-handling story "The Serpent Said," along with stories and essays by Mort Castle, F. Paul Wilson, Ramsey Campbell, Nancy Kilpatrick, Tim Lebbon, Sephera Giron, Robert Weinberg, Tina Jens, Thomas Deja, J. Knight, Richard Weber, Kevin Anderson, L. Marie Wood, Sara Merlene, Mike Rimar, and Julie Novais. The print version of this anthology can be ordered direct from my website (as above -- send an email to inquire about pricing), or in three formats from its publisher.

The publisher: http://www.lulu.com
Price: $13.99 trade paperback, $9.38 CD-ROM, $4.38 download

Order the trade paperback from me for $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping

What they're saying about The Black Spiral:

"Black Spiral is a wonderfully 'twisted' book which takes the reader on a spiraling descent into terror. I recommend it for any connoisseur of the nightmare world of suspense."

— Charlee Jacob: six time Stoker nominee and author of This Symbiotic Fascination, Haunter, and Dread In The Beast

"It was during a protracted series of failed suicide attempts that I first discovered the delights of Black Spiral, handed to me by a wretched tramp in a bus shelter one rainy day. I resigned to throwing myself from an iron bridge over the Cheddar gorge but my body refused to die ... Black Spiral brought me back from the brink. I next tried shooting my forehead clean off with my grandfather's shotgun but my brain refused to die ... Black Spiral showed me the way back to recovery. Next, a truck, its horn blaring... For months this mania continued... each time I was welcomed back into the gory embrace of Black Spiral. Until one day I discovered that it was Black Spiral that was making me commit these serial suicides, it was Black Spiral that made me cling onto life when reason would have left me for dead. The very next day I resorted to burning the damned book ... And Black Spiral made me suffer from my transgression."

— Hertzan Chimera, 2003

(I love this...)