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"Gagliani has brought bite back to the werewolf novel. The Wisconsin setting is brought vividly to life, as are the regional secondary characters . . . Wolf's Trap is a hirsute werewolf story that will grab you by the reading jugular and keep you clawing the pages until the story's exciting conclusion."

CNN.com Headline News Book Lizard review by James Argendeli

"This is more than your typical werewolf novel, it is a glimpse into one man's inner struggle to control his darker impulses, even using them without being consumed by them ... Simply put, this book rocks. It's fun, exciting, gritty, sexy, and nasty, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a great read."


"Wolf’s Trap is a solid werewolf novel … Gagliani is skilled enough to make it more than readable, and he proves himself as a powerful new talent."

The Horror Channel website

"From the moment you realize — early on — that hero cop Nick Lupo is a werewolf, this unique novel's claws have already dug deep into your skin. William D. Gagliani has deftly managed to blend several genres into a powerful mix — Wolf's Trap is one part horror tale, one part police procedural, one part chase-thriller, and one part classic rock musical! The author had me from the get-go. What a ride...!"

— Raymond Benson, author of Sweetie's Diamonds, Face Blind, and
several James Bond continuation novels

"Wolf's Trap is fierce and unforgettable. Gagliani explores his characters' inner wounds and outward violence with equal, gut-wrenching effectiveness. The drama continues to build muscle as it gallops toward a no-holds barred finale."

— Brian Pinkerton, author of Abducted and Vengeance

"William Gagliani writes with the precision of a vivisectionist, pulling just the right nerve endings to make your skin crawl and your pulse race. Wolf's Trap catches you by the throat and shakes your senses hard. If there were any justice in the world, the novel would be on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Highly recommended."

— James A. Moore, author of Under the Overtree and the Stoker-nominated Serenity Falls

"Wolf's Trap rocks! William D. Gagliani imbues it with hard-edged wit and a wonderful detective-noir intensity worthy of Raymond Chandler. This werewolf novel will grab you by the scruff of the neck and shake you till you see stars!"

— Tamara Thorne, author of Thunder Road, Bad Things, and Candle Bay

"With Wolf's Trap, William Gagliani has begun to fulfill the promise made with his short fiction; this novel is by turns tough, suspenseful, poignant, surprisingly erotic, and, finally, beautifully measured. It can rightfully take its place alongside Harry Shannon's Night of the Werewolf and P.D. Cacek's Canyons as one of the best werewolf novels of the last ten years."

— Gary A. Braunbeck, author of Things Left Behind and In Silent Graves

"I have written elsewhere that one way to gauge the health of a genre is by counting the number of emerging *good* young writers. In the past year or so at least 20 excellent young writers have begun publishing short story collections and novels in the dark fiction field, indicating the field is healthy indeed. With Wolf's Trap, William Gagliani demonstrates that he is definitely one of the top members of this group. I recommend his book with no reservations."

— Gene O'Neill, author of The Burden of Indigo and Shadow of the Dark Angel

"Wolf's Trap is a riveting, disturbing, gut-wrenching — and entertaining as all get-out — journey into the darkest part of the human soul, and I loved every page! On the surface it's a taut, beautifully-crafted hybrid genre piece, a werewolf police procedural, but underneath the surface it's a rich psychological suspense story that resonates in all sorts of weird, fascinating ways. Nick Lupo is a brilliant creation in the noir-fantasy universe, and I want to see — no, scratch that! — I DEMAND to see comic books! Movies! Video games! Amusement park rides! Everything! LUPO ROCKS!!!!!!"

— Jay Bonansinga, author The Black Mariah, Sick, The Killer's Game, and Oblivion

"William Gagliani's Wolf's Trap offers a unique spin on the werewolf fable and snares the reader right from the first page. Part horror tale, part crime novel, this is first-rate entertainment that will keep you reading deep into the moonlit night."

— Tom Piccirilli, author of A Choir of Ill Children and The Night Class

"I have generally been disappointed with the werewolf as subject for horror fiction. There have been a few exceptions but for the most part werewolf novels seem content to follow pretty much the same pattern every time. William Gagliani varies it sufficiently here to have held my interest in his suspenseful story that mixes serial murder with werewolves. The action also alternates between the wilderness and the less reputable parts of a big city, which is another kind of wilderness. He does a good job of making us care about his protagonist, and the twist — which I won't tell you about — is clever enough to keep you guessing until the end. Another small press title worth chasing down."

— Don D'Ammassa, writing in Chronicle (Dec 2003)

"I had a blast with Wolf's Trap! Well-developed characters, crisp prose, engaging subplots, Wolf's Trap is the perfect read for those who crave cross-genre works. Combining crime fiction with supernatural horror fiction, Wolf's Trap brought me back to the reason why I love a good scary read in the first place: it kept me enthralled with bated breath, turning the pages!"

— J. F. Gonzalez, author of Shapeshifter, Clickers, and Maternal Instinct

"Cops, werewolves, serial killers, violence, and sex! You get it all! Bill Gagliani's Wolf's Trap, a cross-genre delight that offers the reader a smart and interesting police procedural, mixed in with clever lycanthropic themes, making this one of the more enjoyable horror/suspense novels of the year."

— Michael Laimo, author of Deep In The Darkness, Sleepwalker, and Atmosphere

"William Gagliani's Wolf's Trap is a brisk, cross-genre romp that pulls no punches and offers genuine scares. I had a ball with it."

— Harry Shannon, author of Night of the Werewolf

"With Wolf's Trap, William Gagliani has managed to mix the best elements from different genres into a single potent mix of raw energy and sheer terror. Well written, and well paced, the horrors in Wolf's Trap are balanced by a delicious sexual tension that flows through it like an underground river of lava. This book flows hot, and ends with a big red bang. Recommended to anyone who likes their horror hot, wet and just a little bit nasty."

— Edo van Belkom, author of Scream Queen and Blood Road

"Wolf's Trap brings monsters to life through a pair of compelling characters and a plot that sets its teeth into the reader and won't let go. William Gagliani's careful attention to the nature of humanity, and inhumanity, sets up a story that prowls through genres while staying true to the realities of action and consequence. A fine addition to the lycanthropic literary canon."

— Gerard Houarner, author of The Beast That Was Max and Road to Hell

"In Wolf's Trap William D. Gagliani writes of monsters — the kind that haunted our nightmares as children and the all-too-human predator who looks 'just like us.' Gagliani is a natural storyteller and the story he tells not only makes the reader re-examine their thoughts on MONSTERS, but allows us to look into both the mind and souls of two very different kinds. Shall I say it was a 'howling' good read?"

— P.D. Cacek, Author of Canyons

"Bill Gagliani's Wolf's Trap blends all the elements of a cross-genre novel — plot, character, setting, conflict and opposition so seamlessly and with such a haunting prose it made me feel every character — from Nick Lupo to the lowest degenerate on earth — is real and made of flesh. Wolf's Trap pounces and I was caught in the jaws of the trap and could not escape until I finished page last."

— Robert W. Walker, Author of the highly acclaimed Instinct and Edge Series

"A top-notch lunar-challenged hero, a villain bent on painful revenge, a deliciously developed plot. I read the last half in one sitting on, appropriately, a night with a full moon. Bravo!"

— Elaine Bergstrom, Author of Shattered Glass and Nocturne

"The best werewolf novel since The Howling!"

— J.A. Konrath, Author of Whiskey Sour

"Wolf's Trap delivers plenty of sex and violence, as all good werewolf books should. [The] pacing is solid and the climax is riveting. Werewolf fans should be more than pleased with this solid effort."

Flesh & Blood Magazine

"Hey man, the musical score alone in Wolf's Trap as it plays in your head is worth the price of admission. Bill Gagliani is my main man. Can't wait for his next."

— Evan Kingsbury, author of Fire & Flesh

"Wolf's Trap is written like a screenplay: quick cuts between different points of view, rapid scenes, short chapters, and a tendency toward snappy dialogue."