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Kerry Livgren's Proto-Kaw at Shank Hall, March 12, 2005


Proto-Kaw at Shank Hall

Lynn Meredith and Livgren

John Bolton and Lynn Meredith

Kerry Livgren

Meredith and Livgren (with Kew in background)

John Bolton

Craig Kew

Kerry Livgren - co-founder and driving force of Kansas


The incredible Jake Livgren, Wright, and Bolton jamming

Bill Gagliani meets one of his idols after 29 years.

I have no idea what I asked, or what he answered, but it was great talking to him!



Kerry Livgren (ex-Kansas)

Meredith, Craig Kew, Livgren

Proto-Kaw jams prog-style!

Craig Kew on bass

Jake Livgren (back) and John Bolton

Bolton and Dan Wright on keyboards

Dan Wright's blistering organ solo

Lynn Meredith

Meredith, Kew and Livgren

Kerry tells about the Iowa breakdown

"Remember the Wisconsin State Fair show in 1981?"

Another writer?

The bus awaits.